Equipping men to grow together.


We believe all Christian men want to grow spiritually.  However, many in our churches struggle to do so.  There are various reasons why this is true but, ultimately, only one solution.  We must grow in our understanding of the gospel and how it applies to our life.



God has given us different means of grace through which He reveals the gospel.  In Back2Back we focus on five: scripture reading, prayer, scripture memorization, fasting, and family devotions.  As we regularly immerse ourselves in these different means of grace we grow in our understanding of the gospel and how it applies to our life.


These means of grace are not new to most of us.  However, our cultural emphasis on autonomy has left us isolated.  We struggle to incorporate these means of grace into our daily lives.  We struggle with sins we seem powerless to fight.  We struggle to resist the temptation to give up.  And we struggle alone.  We believe it is this isolation that is hurting so many men's attempts at personal sanctification.


We must engage in these means of grace if we are to grow spiritually.  However, we were never meant to pursue this growth on our own.  We were designed to grow in fellowship.  Back2Back seeks to bring men into this fellowship and to enable them to pursue the five means of grace together.

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